Unpacking the optimisation and tech choices for 300 km of MSR

We take a look at the aero tips, tricks, and outright fails at the first Monument of the year.

Ronan Mc Laughlin
by Ronan Mc Laughlin 19.03.2023 Photography by
Cor Vos
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As the old saying goes, Milan-San Remo is the easiest monument to finish but the most difficult to win. The new saying goes a little something like, aero, marginal gains, and conserving energy are everything.

With the ever-increasing understanding and focus on aerodynamics and the tailwind forecast for the decisive section of the race, I expected teams to roll out every aero trick in the book. It seems some didn’t get the memo.

Here is what caught our optimised eyes from this year’s “La Classicissima.”

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