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What is Escape Collective?

Escape Collective was founded in March, 2023, with the goal of being the best bike website on the internet. We are community funded – built by us, for you.

Our editorial is underpinned by two core editorial philosophies. The first: that depth is better than breadth. You want us to go deep. We won’t skim the surface.

The second: we prefer to be everything to someone, not something to everyone. So what does that mean? It means we know who we are and what we love, and our work will reflect the varying and constantly evolving passions of our editors.

As for the name. ‘Escape’ is the reason we all ride bikes. Escapism is something we can offer to our readers and members while on the site, which will hopefully inspire them to get off the computer and go for a ride. Escape Collective refers to the group of individuals who are collaborating to bring you the best cycling content in the world. Lastly, ‘Escape’ speaks to our story and how we got here.

Escape Collective is all of this. This is us.

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What can you expect from Escape Collective over the Aussie Summer of Cycling?

Escape Collective Carpark Climb

The legendary carpark climb is back! Get ready for the biggest street party in RADelaide on Saturday, Jan 20 at the Tour Down Under.

Secure your spot and register to be part of this special race, or simply come along and scream and heckle your mates racing!

Head to the top of the carpark to join the Escape Collective corner to join the loudest spot on the course.

From 6pm on Saturday January 20 at Wilson Parking – East End. 8 Union Street, Adelaide

Special TDU podcast episodes

In addition to our regular programming, you can check out our Tour Down Under pods, appearing in your feed every second day.

Join regulars Dave Rome, Ronan McLaughlin, Matt de Neef, Iain Treloar with special guest Rupert Guinness.

You can listen to the special TDU episodes on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Ride with the EC community

In addition to meeting some of the Escape Collective crew, our aim is to highlight some of the best rides around Adelaide.

The daily rides run from Wednesday 17 Jan through to Sunday 21 Jan, leaving from Ebenezer Place at 8am each morning.

The rides will be guided, and will feature re-group points on climbs along the way. We recommend you download the course maps from the links below. Wednesday to Friday rides include both a long and a short version (don’t worry, you can just make a call on the day depending on how you are feeling).

To register for the rides, enter your details here.

Down Under Digest

The Down Under Digest is a weekly wrap-up of all things Aussie and Kiwi cycling.

While there are not additional digests during the Tour Down Under we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to give it a little plug.

You can check out previous editions here, and sign up (free!) to have them delivered directly to your inbox each week by heading here.

The unofficial Tour Down Under Calendar

The unofficial Tour Down Under calendar is your complete guide to the real goings-on at the Tour Down Under. We have the race schedule, of course, but also group rides, parties, Escape carpark climb – we’ll list it all so you always know what’s going on.

We’ll post every day throughout the TDU. Each post will include the following day’s calendar.

This calendar is based on the superb work of Escape Collective member David Rossi and repurposed with his permission. Make sure to check out David’s iconic All The TDU calendar here.

Escape is just a fantastic website. I love the stories, not just the results. It is nice to stay up to date with the sport but not have the full-blown, blow-by-blow race breakdown.

– Richie Porte, 2023 Member #1