What you need to know about commenting on Escape Collective articles

A few simple rules to note when joining the discussion.

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by Escape Collective 13.03.2023 Photography by
Kristof Ramon
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Thanks for being here. It’s great to see you.

First things first: in order to comment on articles here at Escape Collective, you’ll need to be a member. Being part of the conversation is one of the benefits you get when you sign up. So is having unrestricted access to everything we publish, joining our Discord server, and a whole lot more besides.

When you log in as a member of Escape Collective, you’re also logging in as a commenter. You can change your public-facing name in your profile. If you have any issues with login, please email us at [email protected].

We want our comments to be a lively, enjoyable place to hang out. That means we need everybody to follow a few basic rules:

1. The best joke wins. Worst joke can also win sometimes. 

2. You may not attack other commenters. You may not be mean to other commenters. You may not be snide, or rude, even if you’re super right and they’re super wrong. They are paying members just like you and deserve a good experience. 

2a. Imagine Escape is your local bike shop. We are trying to sell somebody a bicycle. Then you come in, right as we are about to make the sale, and start screaming at this customer. You call them a straw man, for some reason. And then you call them a Nazi. Whoa! Chill. They definitely leave and never come back, right? You just cost us a sale, hurting our business and, because we’re all cyclists here, hurting cycling itself. 

If anybody is breaking this rule, tell us using the Flag button. We’ll take care of it.

3. Don’t be a bigot. The definition of bigot will be determined by us, wielders of the all-powerful delete button, which we are not afraid to use. If you see somebody being a bigot, see 2a. Flag it. Do not tell them, tell us. 

4. Don’t be rude to Escape staff. If you don’t like a story or have a legitimate gripe with reporting or some other factor, please email [email protected]. This is our place of work. We do not come barging into your office to tell you your latest spreadsheet sucks, even if it totally does, it has broken functions everywhere and that really crap pie chart. We expect the same courtesy. 

5. Please refrain from derailing the conversation to suit your personal preferences. If you prefer a touch of cinnamon in your coffee and the article is about sugar, then perhaps it’s not written for you. Or more specifically, if it’s the third gravel bike we’ve written about in as many days, relax – the road bike stuff isn’t far away. 

6. We retain the right to ban anybody at any time, but will mostly ban people for breaking rules 2-5. 

Got questions? Concerns? Feedback? Get in touch with us via email.

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