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Wheel Talk Special: A very extensive Giro Donne recap

The Wheel Talk crew breaks down all the action at the Giro Donne.

Strap in Wheel Talk listeners this one is … long. Matt and Loren are back with Abby to chat all the biggest stories from the Giro Donne and they are joined by a special guest and friend of the pod Matilda (Tils) Raynolds. They talk about this being Annemiek’s final Giro, what that means for the future, how the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift has changed the Giro and more.

Hear from Niamh Fisher-Black (SD Worx), Sarah Roy (Canyon//SRAM) and Nina Kessler (Jayco-AlUla) plus some really special audio diaries from Iris Slappendel and Gracie Elvin about Annemiek’s Giro Donne journey and being her teammate.

Perhaps listen to this one in two sittings, or on a long ride, but it’s definitely not one to miss!

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