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Tech gallery: 2024 Sea Otter Classic, part five

Fancy titanium bolts, colorful shoes, incredible kid bikes, save-your-bacon satellite communicators, and lots and lots of wheels.

James Huang
by James Huang 26.04.2024 Photography by
James Huang
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OK, we’re nearing the end of my coverage from the 2024 Sea Otter Classic, I promise! Much as I would have loved to tighten this up, the reality is there was just too much interesting stuff to see – and I didn’t want you to miss any of it.

Included in this penultimate round of tech goodies are a whole bunch of new wheels and hubs, some amazing-looking kid bikes (I’m pretty sure I’m buying one, in fact), some interesting new lights, value-priced sunglasses, a handheld device that lets you send SOS signals all the way to space (!), a carbon fiber chainring that actually seems practical, and more.

There’s just one more round after this one, and then it’ll be back to business as usual for me next week.

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