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Iain Treloar & Jonny Long
by Iain Treloar & Jonny Long 19.04.2024 Photography by
Gruber Images, Jonny Long
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This is the first, pilot episode of a new podcast we’re trying out: a members-exclusive Tangents podcast!

This is an idea we’ve been playing around with for a while, the journey of which began in March last year where we spent an hour devouring the bizarre and highly detailed biographies of the 2023 Ag2r Citroën squad. That wasn’t quite right, but we wanted to bring you more of the fun we have when we’re hanging out at races in person, experiencing all the weird and wonderful oddities of the cycling world.

If you like the weird paths we find ourselves freewheeling down when we’re at the Tour de France or the Classics and all together making podcasts in the same room, then this is a more concentrated version of that. This won’t be a regular thing – most of the time we’re in different continents – so think of it as a special treat when we’re on the ground, slowly losing our minds.

In this episode, we discuss a visit to the headquarters of Soudal Quick-Step sponsor Safety Jogger and whether they would ever be able to Carhartt-ify themselves, the best practices when interviewing mascots at bike races, what happened when Iain ended his night on a 12% beer, and which group was more exploited between the children tasked with cleaning the cobbles and the goats of the Arenberg forest.

An audio-only version will be available in the places where you normally get your member versions of Placeholders or, excitingly, we’ve got it in video format too. That way, you can see Caley regret allowing us to do this in real time, and also get visual aids to help you come to terms with the wild range of footwear produced under the Safety Jogger brand.

Let us know what you think of it – hope you enjoy.

Not a member? If you made it this far you can watch the video as a taster, but if you’d like to go about your day and listen to the podcast you’ll have to become a member. Go on, you know you want to.

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