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by wade wallace 27.01.2024 Photography by
Feature photo by Gaëtan Flamme
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The MGPA awards for 2023 are done and dusted the entries this year arguably made for the strongest competition in the eight editions it’s been running.

The judges convened for nearly three hours deliberating on the winning photos from the hundreds that were entered.

Scoring is based on a points system with each of the judges organising their top 10 finalists with points assigned to each (10 down to 1) and then underwent a deliberation process after they had been narrowed down.

In the Professional Category, for the first time ever the judges couldn’t pick a clear winner and agreed to settle on two images for equal first prize. Those two stunning photos were taken by Pauline Ballet (a former judge of this competition) and Harry Talbot.

The Amateur Category has progressed remarkably over the years and it’s getting tough to differentiate the smartphones from the DSLR’s. The quality and depth of photography now being submitted by amateurs is outstanding. Perhaps the best thing about the Amateur Category is the different types of photos we see submitted with such variety.

We raised nearly $10,000 from the entries which will be split toward the Tour de Cure for cancer research and also $1000 cash grants to our Young Cyclist Assistance fund that will help aspiring youngsters however they need. If you know of someone in need, ***please submit your application here***. Nominations extended to January 31st, 2024.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year and made this annual competition so special. It’s truely one of my favourite actives we’ll be doing going forward and I look forward to many more.

Professional Category Winners

Here is what some of the judges had to say about the winning photos in the Professional Category:

Rupert Hartley: “Trying to pick the winner was an incredibly difficult purpose. Which is why we ended up with a joint winner. Two beautiful images, two different images. A total split in the judges votes show the joy and subjectivity of the artform.”

Jeff Curtes: “The winning professional photo had gorgeous light and a beautiful pulled back alternative perspective.  This felt like an editorial shot rather than a typical finish line win.  Bravo for thinking different on this one.

Alex Broadway: “In the pro category there were two really standout images, the two winners, which had been both stood out from the start and both selected highly by most (all?) the judges. Impossible to split them as two very different pictures, with different merits. Pog and Jonas such unique moment, the normally smiling Pogacar looking very subdued, love the expression and light on his face. Strade picture, although not as unique a moment as the other frame, it’s a great angle on an iconic finish line. it’s executed perfectly – the composition and with nice light and the iconic Piazzo del campo is instantly recognisable. 3rd place loved it as it was a bit different – really eye catching, making you look twice and technically very well executed. “


Equal First Place: Pauline Ballet

Tour de France, July 18, stage 16, Jonas Vingegaard smashed the Tour de France with a stratospheric time during the ITT. Just after the stage, behind the signature podium Tadej Pogačar stayed in his thoughts and his disappointment while the winner of the stage signs the yellow jerseys. Photo by Pauline Ballet | Instagram Handle: @paulineballet

Equal First Place: Harry Talbot

Tom Pidcock entering Siena solo to win Strade Bianche. I could talk for hours about the beauty of Siena and the way the evening light falls into the streets with an orange hue and long shadows. I knew I wanted a dramatic shot of my favourite race, showing the light, the fans, the winner in all its glory. Photo by Harry Talbot | Instagram Handle: @visualsofharry

Third Place: Gaëtan Flamme

If Wallers Arenberg is known for Paris Roubaix, an amateur nighttime cyclocross takes place on this legendary site. The opportunity to have fun with light… Here Eddy Lefebvre, French amateur champion in a tunnel on the circuit. Photo by Gaëtan Flamme | Instagram Handle: @sportpic_agency
The perpetual trophy and medallions for the Professional Category winners.

Honorable mentions: 4th – 10th

The photos that didn’t make it into the top 3 are just as worthy of a mention . Throughout the past eight editions of this competition that I’ve been part of, many of my personal favourites are usually found in this selection:

Amateur Category Winners

Here is what some of the judges had to say about the winning photos in the Amateur Category:

Rupert Hartley: The amateur category was very strong and impressive. The gorgeous colours of the first image; the almost timeless landscape of the second which could have been shot on film in another era. I was personally very drawn to the third image. He almost looks like a coal miner emerging from a long shift. Perhaps a good analogy for the TransContinental Race.”

Jeff Curtes: “The winning amateur shot feels so dynamic…the slight tilt of the rider, the dust and energy in the air, and the colors just made me want to be there chasing. Gorgeous.

The second place amateur shot was quiet, considered, and big.  It was the perfect B&W moment.”

Alex Broadway: “The amateur category was a really high standard this year and a lot of variety of cycling disciplines making it hard narrowing down to the top 10 images. The winner really stood out – the beautiful light, nice framing, and the perfect line of silhouetted riders leading your eye into the frame. 2nd – Love the scale of the image, with the tiny rider and the towering mountain in the background. Great choice to convert to black and white with the shades of light and dark across the frame.”

First Place: Carlo Anzolin

Golden hour at the Traka. I spent some quite time here, taking a lot of photos and changing my camera settings. I’m happy with how this one turned out. Photo by Carlo Anzolin @carlo_anz

Second Place: Emanuele Baracco

Morning at col de Galibier – One of the most famous mountain passes for cycling enthusiasts. At sunrise, on a morning among the hottest days of summer 2023, hundreds of cyclist decide to climb the slopes of this mountain crossing lines of light created by the rising sun. Photo by Emanuele Baracco @emanuele_baracco

Third Place: Saskia Martin

Christian came in at 3am from finishing the transcontinental race. He was bellowing stories of wild dogs and imaginative friends. The darkness takes it toll in more ways than one. This is up there as one of my favourite images takes to date. Photo by Saskia Martin @saskiacmartin
1st place: KICKR MOVE and KICKR CLIMB. The MOVE is the bike trainer allows your bike to move naturally for a more comfortable and realistic riding experience than ever before. The CLIMB which physically adjusts bike position to mimic real roads and mountain climbs up to 20%.
2nd place: Speedplay POWRLINK Pedals. Built on the iconic Speedplay Pedal System, POWRLINK ZERO power pedal delivers reliably accurate power and cadence data in convenient pedal system.
3rd place: ELEMNT ROAM. The new ELEMNT ROAM, Wahoo’s best GPS cycling computer that is packed with features that turn any ride into an adventure. With a 64 color display and a long lasting battery make it easier than ever to stay on course longer and explore further.

Thank you to Wahoo for generously supporting the competition with prizes again this year.

Honorable mentions 4th – 10th

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