Scene from the 2024 Race Around Rwanda.

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Three cyclists ride across a frozen glacier underneath towering snowy peaks. They're on older titanium hardtails, and as this was pre-bikepacking era, they're carrying all their gear in backpacking backpacks.

Before bikepacking, there was ‘hellbiking’

A lone rider rounds a switchback on a climb amid a lush landscape. Behind, a storm looms over the mountains and lake in the valley below.

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Andy Hampsten leads race leader Franco Chioccioli on the Passo di Gavia at the 1988 Giro d'Italia. The dirt road has turned to mud in the rain and snow, a harbinger of what's to come. Hampsten looks chilly but contained, while an underdressed Chioccioli, who is about to be dropped, looks thoroughly miserable.

Where are they now: Andy Hampsten

I regret to confirm that I want another bike

Mike Cotty rides up a gravel road in the Swiss Alps. He's shown all alone as the road switchbacks down into the valley below, amid treeless slopes of tan-brown grass and shrubs.

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