New Tools Day #5: It never ends, yay!

Enticing new tools from Pedro's, Unior, Abbey, Daysaver, SQLab, and plenty more.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 05.10.2023 Photography by
Dave Rome
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Welcome back! In this edition of New Tools Days, you’ll find a couple of desirable pocket-sized multi-tools, two of the nicest cassette lockring sockets going, a way to bring new life into an outdated derailleur hanger gauge, a ratchet that fits in places others don’t, and plenty more.

As usual with the New Tools Day series, my goal is to provide you, the reader, with knowledge of the tools that extend well beyond the usual brand-provided information. If you’re not in the market for new metal bling, hopefully you’ll still learn something here.

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Oh, and a quick mention that throughout this gallery you’ll find varying currencies, quoted based on known availability. Google is your friend for finding local sellers. Ok, on with the show!

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