New Tools Day #3: bearing impressed

A game-changing bearing press for home mechanics, plus new shiny goodness from RadLabs, Pinner Machine Shop, Lezyne, BSC, and more.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 18.05.2023 Photography by
Dave Rome.
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New Tools Day? Again?!

You bet! And in this third edition, I have a detailed first look at an exciting new modular bearing press system for home mechanics from a young brand, Alt Alt. The system is so good I have little doubt that many shops will be keen on it, too.

In addition, there are new tools to share from small labels such as Pinner Machine Shop, BSC, and Radar Laboratories. There are also a few from better-known names, such as Abbey Bike Tools, Lezyne, and SRAM.

And as always, even if you’re not in the market for new tools, you’ll probably find a few useful tidbits sprinkled in here and there.

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