Podcast: Aero myths and the best bang-for-buck gains with Swiss Side’s JP Ballard

Aero hacks, myths, and why the rule of 105 might not be so critical.

Ronan Mc Laughlin
by Ronan Mc Laughlin 23.02.2024 Photography by
Dr Tim Podlogar
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JP Ballard joins us for the third half of our mini-series with the CEO of Swiss Side. This week, we dispel some aero myths, discuss and imagine some aero hacks, and JP generally breaks down aero for us non-aerodynamicists. 

We discuss if lower and narrower is slower or faster, acid tests for assessing aero marketing, and why aero matters regardless of what speed we ride at, even uphill.

We then delve into where’s best to spend your money chasing aero gains, the best bang for the buck, so to speak. Finally, perhaps the biggest takeaway is that JP doesn’t believe the rule of 105 is as critical as we once thought

All told, this is a bumper episode and a fitting way to conclude this mini-series. 

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