The photo shows Jacob Tipper starting an individual pursuit on Manchester velodrome.

Podcast: Coaching in the World Tour with Jacob Tipper

Jacob Tipper is coach to 2023 sensation Ben Healy. We ask him how racing is getting faster, but the winners are getting younger.

Ronan Mc Laughlin
by Ronan Mc Laughlin 12.01.2024 Photography by
Dr Tim Podlogar
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Performance Process returns for 2024 with the latest in our series delving into how and why World Tour racing is getting so much faster. Coach Jacob Tipper is our guest discussing various aspects of the training that goes into modern performances.

Covering everything from the importance of fatigue resistance to off-season binges, Tipper talks from his vast experience as a rider and coach to many. Tipper has coached EF’s Ben Healy since the under-16 categories and talks us through some of the steps and plans that Healy has implemented in becoming one of the hottest prospects in the World Tour and why other aspiring athletes shouldn’t throw the towel in when they see young mega-stars signing pro and winning big right out of the junior categories.

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Time stamps for the episode:

04:06 – UCI lever angle rules
09:24 – Is World Tour Racing getting faster?
14:59 – Is it just speed increasing, or is power increasing also?
16:51 – Modern training and increased professionalism
28:00 – Power training and its usefulness.
34:29 – The difference between pros and U23 riders and the key performance metric we should be talking about
41:11 – On recovery
44:38 – Altitude training
49:14 – Heat training
56:32 – A theory on how better fuelling may be heloping younger riders break through
1:04:04 – How it’s now the young riders leading by example
1:06:53 – On how slower burner riders shouldn’t look to emulate the teenage pros
1:12:03 – Athlete development

There are plenty more highlights in the full podcast with Jacob Tipper. We also have plenty more deep dives into the hows and whys of faster racing and some more episodes dedicated to actionable training tips on the way. Until next time, “trust the process.”

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