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Podcast: Swiss Side’s JP Ballard on all things aero

Aero testing, component development, simulation tools and the future of aero.

Ronan Mc Laughlin
by Ronan Mc Laughlin 09.02.2024 Photography by
Dr Tim Podlogar
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JP Ballard joins us once again for part one of our Performance Process deep dive into all things aerodynamics.

Ballard is founder and CEO of aerodynamics specialists Swiss Side. The Swiss company produces wheels and aero calf sleeves, but the majority of its work is in offering its aerodynamic expertise to other manufacturers in the cycling industry.

Ballard first joined us for a pit walk critiquing bikes and equipment of the 2024 WorldTour paddock during the recent Tour Down Under. He had also sat down with us before that race to record three hours worth of discussion and advice on aerodynamics and performance. In part one of that conversation Ballard gives us an insight into some of Swiss Side’s unseen consultancy work and we discuss performance simulation tools, sail effect, the future of cycling aero, and why Ballard thinks we are not even half way to “peak aero.”

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