Tech gallery: Bikes of Tour of Flanders, part 1

Mathieu van der Poel climbs the cobbles at the Tour of Flanders. Just behind, the former World Champion Mads Pedersen fights to keep the wheel.

Harder, faster, earlier: The changing shape of the Tour of Flanders

Riders throw their bikes for the finish line on the Champs-Elysées at the 2023 Tour de France. Jordi Meuss is closest to the camera, and all the riders have stopped pedaling and are in an extreme tuck as they throw their bikes forward for the line.

‘Two more bad years and it’s career over’

Alexander Kristoff stands up to sprint on his bicycle. He leans forward with a fierce expression on his face.

As Uno-X rises, Alexander Kristoff seeks to match its ascent

Did a squirrel fall on Alexander Kristoff’s head at the 2013 Tour of Oman?

Alexander Kristoff did not smash a cake into anyone’s face today