Tech gallery: 2023 Made handmade bicycle show, part eight

Saving some of the best 'til last with Ira Ryan, Rollingdale, Tomii, HotSalad, Caletti, Circa, and more.

Dave Rome
by Dave Rome 05.09.2023 Photography by
Dave Rome
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Oh yes, there’s more!

Call me a tease, but I’ve saved some of the most interesting and drool-worthy machines for my final gallery. Below, you’ll find a mix of steel, titanium, carbon and one of the few aluminium builders present at the show. Each builder provides their own individual style and unique approach, and really, the material of choice is very much a secondary aspect.

That’s it from my coverage of the inaugural Made Bike Show. James Huang has one final gallery to share, and so I’ll leave it to him to put a wrap and bow on our coverage of the 2023 Made Bike Show.

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