Gallery: 2024 Made Australia handmade bike show, part one

Further Australian bicycle goodness from Woods Bicycle Co, Baum Cycles, The Lost Workshop, Curve Cycling, and more.

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Dave Rome
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It’s been a whirlwind of shows for the handmade bike scene. In the past two weeks we’ve had Spoken in Melbourne, (formerly Handmade Bicycle Show Australia), Bespoked in Manchester, and the Enve Builder Round-Up in Utah, as part of the Grodeo gravel event. And to add one more into the mix, the USA’s Made collaborated with Aussie brand Fyxo to hold the inaugural Australian edition of its show over the past weekend, an event that coincided with the legendary Melburn Roobaix bicycle party.

While Escape couldn’t be at all the shows – mainly because of a big bicycle race happening at the moment, plus a tradeshow in Germany – I at least managed to attend Spoken and Made Australia. While the two shows certainly had some builders in common, there was a surprising lack of overlapping bikes. Many of the builders who attended both events sought to showcase different bikes, while many other exhibitors chose to appear at a single show.

In the USA, Made has a simple ethos for exhibitors: if you make your own stuff, then you’re welcome to have a booth. For Made Australia and the smaller surrounding industry, it was a mix of builders new and old, a handful of local brands, some bigger industry names, a leading shop representing a number of interesting products, and even a seller of desirable NOS (new old stock) items. Some would call it a mixed bag, but for this bike geek, it was a treat.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our three-part gallery series from the Spoken show. And before you keep scrolling, please consider opening this gallery on a large screen for the best experience.

The DISC velodrome is a proper international sporting stage. Made Australia occupied the centre of the facility (warm-up area). Meanwhile, the Cote D’Azur (inside flat part around the track) hosted the Bicycles Roadshow, where collectors could show their prized rides. I’ll soon have a gallery covering some of these bikes.
Meet Sushi, the head of hospitality at Fyxo.

There’s more to come! Expect another gallery from Made Australia, plus a little side-quest to showcase a few well-loved time capsules from the Bicycles Roadshow.

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