Threaded #13: The return of New Tools Day

Hands-on with new things from Park Tool, Feedback Sports, Luberetta, ZTTO, Wera, and a handful of desirable brands you'll likely be hearing of for the first time.

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by Dave Rome 12.04.2024 Photography by
Dave Rome
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Welcome back to Threaded, the ongoing series for the tool-obsessed, professional mechanic, and home-wrench-curious. In this edition, I return to a theme that pre-dates the start of Threaded, it’s called New Tools Day, and quite simply it’s a bit of show-and-tell for the latest and more interesting tools.

 In this gallery, I’ll cover a broad mix of new tools, including an AliExpress purchase, fresh mainstream offerings, and the most niche, premium, and desirable of ratchets. Some of the stuff is too new to conclude long-term durability, but I can at least offer early hands-on impressions for all of it. And as with previous editions of New Tools Day, I’ll aim to offer a few tidbits about my favourite tools in their respective categories. 

Before the rolling pictures begin, I’ll encourage anyone new to Threaded to check out previous articles from the series. Most articles contain a mix of deep dives and tool-related news. Plus, I highly recommend catching up on earlier editions of New Tools Day that were published throughout 2023. 

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Another close up of the TRO Designs Titanium ratchet head.
I’ve loved using this ratchet (with the pictured Nepros quick spinner and Koken Zeal 4 mm hex bit), but it may not stick as my daily driver. This is mostly down to the switch direction being matched to Koken, but the reverse of my regular choices (Snap-On and Nepros). It may not sound like much, but it’s akin to having a different size keyboard, and muscle memory keeps tripping me up in rapid use.

Additionally, as I’ve experienced with Koken ratchets, the light spring action can lead to the switch sitting between direction settings. It’s only a microsecond of issue, but it’s another reason for why I commonly choose Nepros and Snap-on ratchets. That feather light force in the direction switch also makes it more susceptible to accidental switching.

And lastly, this ratchet has been a reminder that lighter tools are not always superior. For me, I quite like how a steel handle of a ratchet allows it to fall back into my palm under its ratcheting action. By contrast, this ultra-light tool requires more manual movement.

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