Threaded #19: Five fancy new workshop tools reviewed

Just like New Tools Day, but with a deeper dive into each product.

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Dave Rome
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Even when cycling fans have the Tour de France, Eurobike, handmade shows, and a mountain bike World Cup to focus on, you can bet that bicycle workshops around the globe continue to buzz. And for them, I have a small handful of new workshop-focussed tools to share and offer my thoughts on.

Within this gallery-style edition of Threaded, you’ll find what I think could be the new benchmark in hex key interfaces. I share my thoughts on Effetto Mariposa’s first overhaul of its torque wrench line-up in over a decade. I get hands-on with an ultra fancy laser-based tool for stem alignment and how it compares to other laser-based tools. Lastly, I explain why the fancy long-reach pliers I just bought are perhaps a waste. All of these tools sit on the premium and professional end of the scale so hopefully, even if you can’t stomach the prices, you can at least appreciate the pursuit of finding a better way.

This Threaded comes just one week after the last. In case you missed it, last week’s Threaded #18 was a New Tools Day edition that focussed largely on consumer and ride-friendly mini pumps, portable inflators, tubeless plug kits, and chain breakers.

GripEdge RPT

Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza 1-15 Pro Evo

Milwaukee Long Reach Pliers

KAS Tool Gabelknecht FAT

Threaded will return in two weeks with an edition likely dedicated to undoing tight things. I may even include the workshop tool I keep in my kitchen for when a new pickle jar struts into the house (or perhaps not). In the meantime, you can geek out on the previous 18 editions of Threaded here.

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